Location Matters

Advantage of low latency communication

The speed of your order transmission depends on your machine's latency to the clearing firm's order server. Network latency measures, in milliseconds, how long it takes for your request to reach the destination and back. For automated trading, lower latency translates to a better chance of getting filled at the desired price. Without this advantage, orders can experience slippage, causing a trading algorithm that works flawlessly in simulation to yield poor live results. Futures traders benefit from our downtown Chicago servers located blocks from the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) averaging 1ms to 4ms round-trip latency.

Premium network for trading

We supply connectivity that is there when you need it most. Budget-level networks often slow to a crawl when they are saturated by unexpected traffic. Networks that support popular websites, adult content, and video streams often suffer from congestion during peak trading hours. Denial of service attacks often prey on servers that host popular or controversial content. Worse yet, network peers that blend in and prioritize cellular and VOIP traffic can exacerbate the congestion further. For these reasons, TradingVPS purchases premium bandwidth and strictly dedicates our network for trading, not serving web content.

Not your average high performance hardware

Our Virtual Servers are deployed on enterprise grade hardware: Quad and 8-core Intel Xeon processors provide the raw processing power for running back-tests and optimizations. Arrays of SSD drives provide ultra responsive storage and protectection against drive failure. We do not squeeze customers onto underpowered and overcrowded hardware. Web hosting servers often suffer from very poor disk performance when a popular blog or forum website picks up traffic. Our traders are given ample processing power and RAM to run the most demanding applications.

Protection against power and network failures

Running automated systems from your home computer is not always ideal. If power or network connectivity goes down, open trades you have are left to chance. Because our server hardware and network infrastructure were designed to operate 24 hours a day, you can leave trading applications running even when your home computers are offline.

Connect from home, work, or any mobile device

Connect to the TradingVPS Virtual Desktop from any desktop (Windows or Mac) or mobile device (iPhone or Android). Use it just like a home PC with the added advantages of enterprise grade stability and datacenter connectivity. We provide the full Administrator account and can help you with initial installations. Our customers often run Metatrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, Thinkorswim, E-Trade, Multicharts, or a combination of platforms.

Features At A Glance

Professional traders seek the low-latency advantages that our dedicated trading servers provide. TradingVPS delivers technology designed to handle demanding trading applications.

Trading firms, CTA's, IB's, and other industry professionals leverage our expertise in managing their technology infrastructure, avoiding the cost of staffing an in-house IT team.

Pricing and Signup