Host Trading Software
on a Windows Server

Low Latency. High Availability. Expert Support.
The ideal solution for automated trading systems.

Low Latency Network

Improve order execution
Our servers in Chicago provide the proximity and latency advantage that time-sensitive automated trading systems demand.

Reserved For Traders

Avoid network congestion.
To avoid congestion, we do not host public websites or stream media content. Learn about our premium network and resources reserved for trading.

SSD Storage

Say Goodbye to slow disks!
Ultra responsive solid state disk arrays power our storage infrastructure to deliver over 60,000 IOPS. Your applications now launch even faster.

Truly Dedicated Cores

Not shared with neighbors
Each CPU Core is 100% dedicated to your machine and not subject to any sharing or prioritization scheme. You get all that you have paid for.

Highly Available

Make downtime a thing of the past
Unlike traditional hosting, our cloud based servers are self healing. If any hardware fails, your virtual servers quickly fail over to new hardware.

Expert Support

We speak your language
Our IT specialists are well versed in financial instruments and trading technologies. We go the extra mile to address concerns that matter most to traders.

Pricing and Signup
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